Hey guys! did ya know that i love you! hope you never forget it! i pray every day that you all wll feel the love i have for you even though im in another hemishpere! 🙂

Doctrine and Covenants 50:40-46  🙂 brings me such peace and joy, knowing that He wont let me fail! He´s always there for us, we just have to do our part by basing our lives on his words!

the week was long and fun! filled with excitement!! i decided i need to give more, just plainly give give give because thats what love is! so we decided to sing to the *museum of old people* hahahaha inside joke with the family, i love it!   as we were thinking of which hymn to sing to them we decided to randomly open the himnario and sing that song…. it opened to ¨el fin se acerca¨ or… ¨the End comes closer¨ haha maybe you all wont find it as funny but we honestly died of laughter haha wow… but we changed the hymn dont worry 😉

i went on devisiones with elder slaugh this week! very fun! i spent 2 days esquel and we taught a bootload of people! it was fantastic! and guess what! i got to split a TON of firewood! then, just like at home, got to haul it and stack it!! haha it was great!! also we practiced our slingshot skills with a family and it turns out i could put the meat onthe table! haha i´m not half bad with a sling shot! so we´ll have contests k bro´s? get to practicin!! 😉

this week, i´ve found my self daily focusing on eternal families. Its something truly fantastic! we found a family who is going through a really really hard time… both the husband and wife were unfaithful and are really having trouble with the kids and its tearing them apart.  i had to work so hard not to cry while talking with them… the husband has forgiven his wife and is working really hard to gain the trust of her and his sons back…as we talked, i thought about the blessing it is to have the gospel and baptism and temples that help us maintain families for EVER and EVER. It hurts me to the heart to talk with them, but in their eyes, we´re angels. I dont know what will happen with this family, because they come and go and mainly are in another city. but i do know that someday they will become eternal. i just know it!

this brought me lots of thoughts and questions and studies and dreams of eternal families, and once again i say to you Mom and Dad, Thank you for being sealed in The Temple! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! i know that i will get to do the same thing, someday, with my eternal companion!! i´ll get to create worlds with her and pregress eternally!! i know that this short time i have here in argentina i can help others do the same!! its so awesome isnt it!!

a couple questions, i dont know if anyone knows the answer,,, but i´ll ask anyways

when i´m a God with my beautiful Goddess wife, will i have to sacrifice one of our sons like God did with Jesus Christ? this kinda hurts me to think about, even now, with out kids.

and on the opposite side, will one of our sons really deny what  we have like satan has done with God? this hurts too…

when was the last time you read your patriarchal blessing and prayed for revelation?  i love doing this 😉 its fantastic!

Thanks to fasting and lots of prayers we´re seeing improvement  in the work in Trevelin!! Milania Espinoza came to church yesterday!! she´s about 70 i think, and has lots of questions about whether her catholic church truly has authority or not. we´re helping her find answers in both the bible and the book of mormon! she´s progressing a ton!  Also we´re preparing Roberto silva and his grand daughter melina for their baptism! most likely the 14 of mayo!! its so great to help people gain testimonies, the funnest thing i´ve ever done!

we hepled lots of people this week, cutting firewood, preparing houses for winter, building brick houses, and also everyday this week we´ve been making a cake to give to someone! its way fun! haha i tried to make banana bread… things didnt work out so well haha but we had a blast doing it and laughed so so hard. i love elder gutierrez haha we´re havin a blast downhere!!

also we´re using the triangle games that pap sent me with people as lessons and games! its fun! and still to this day  nobody has gotten it down to 1 peg! haha its drivin them crazy!! also introducing people to peanutbutter,,, wo.  i never thought people would love it that much! haha

last night came to esquel with out the other missionaries knowing. Today or tomorrow is elder chandia´s birthday so we surprised him last night with a cake and a good GOOD scaring haha. we disabled the light bulb so they would have to use another switch. i hid behind the fridge and lets just say he almost wet him self hahahaha  The video is priceless! but we laughed it off with a chocolate cake haha great night!

so in the studies in the book of mormon i´m seeing the importance of obedience in the WHOLE family and not only part… like when nefi´s family is going to the promised land beign guided by the liahona. when part of thefamily was disobedient, it didnt work and they were tossed about the sea… its interesting how important and easy it is to be obedient the first time, instead of waiting to be ¨tossed about the sea¨ then starting from there!

Well looks like i gotta go for now, but an interesting scripture in Alma 40´8  it talks about how time exists to mankind and i think about how nice it will be when time ceases to exist. wow how amazing that will be!

I Love YOU!! *8*
Elder Page

There is a quote by President Monson that says, “Of Him who delivered each of us from endless death, I testify He is a teacher of truth—but He is more than a teacher. He is the exemplar of the perfect life—but He is more than an exemplar. He is the great physician—but He is more than a physician. He is the literal Savior of the world…”.

happy Easter!

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HEY do you all know how much i love you!¿  remember it please! i love you all a bunch and thank you for being examples to me. remember that theres always somebody looking up to you… literally always. so act like it porfavor! its very very important!
ok first of all i gotta say sorry to mom and brynn for not saying happy birthday! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!  from elder page and elder rodriguez tambien! just so you know… i did remember… but i wrote it down so i wouldnt forget and then i forgot the little memo pad… ;( but all is well! dont feel old! time only exists here on earth ; )

Thank you so so much for the brownies!! holy moly we downed those things along side some cheesecake icecream…. wow! thank you! and the peanut butter is amazing!

This week were really trying … again… to get the branch to help us with teaching. we´re trying to have noches de hogar (family home evenings) but having troubles scheduling everything with members… it makes me so so happy to hear that there have been investigators in our home! please testify of the book of mormon. theres nothing more powerful than a testimony of the book of mormon. something so true and real along with the spirit is something that an investigator will remember for thier entire life. its undeniable really.

we´ve been prestando mucho servicio ( doing lots of service) in a town called Aldea Escolar towards the border of chile. A lot of people there believe trully that we are from the CIA and are trying to investigate the pueblito… so we´ve been helping lots of people work on a fair that goes on everyoncein a while. we built a little bathroom with cement and wood! the people we worked with were amazed to see that a gringo knew how to mix cement and lay a concrete floor! haha i showed them how its done haha hopefully this week we´re going to go to CHILE!! there´s a town called Futaleufu! (foot-uh-lay-uu-foo) and its in our area!  there are a couple families who are members who live there also some people who have shown some interest in the church! hopefully we can help them gain testimonies!

we´re also teaching math! the schools recently started up again from summer break so every family we go to visit we usually help them with their kids with homework! its really fun! a test at the same time haha but its interesting to see how they have different symbols and write things in different order to get to the same solution… very fun!

i got bit by a dog the other day… walking along the sidewalk we passed by a wall perpendicular to the walkway and little did i know there was a big old dog waiting for me. so it jumped out when i passed by and latched onto the high part of my calf! scared the crud outta me! i think i  broke its jaw when i punched it in the head haha it hurt but i saw that dog again the other day and i think i hurt it more than it hurt me. it cant eat very well anymore…problem solved! 🙂 should die soon i hope!

we´re trying really hard to get another baptism! its so hard to be in contact with the people sometimes because they dont all have phones so its kind of a leap of faith when we wanna stop by! but its comin along and slowly but surely the members are helping! some awesome scriptures i´ve loved this week are 2 corintianos 12:9 y 10, D y C 61: 36 y 37! good stuff!

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 6:51 AM, Sterling Page <8pagebook@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey Missionary!!

How has your week been? We have had a really good week here. We have all been working hard and staying busy with all of the usual things, work, school, activities, work around the house, etc.. Nothing super special, just a bunch of the regular stuff.

Today was Stake Conference and suppose that the kids let you know already that the member of the 70 that was here is from Buenos Aries, Argentina. He is a very nice man and we all loved listening to his accent as he spoke. I imagined that all of the members in your branch love hearing your accent the way we loved hearing his! He is now living in Salt Lake City with his wife and said he is constantly working on his english. We spoke with him after the meetings and Eli told him that you were on your mission “where he is from”. Brother Savic (i think) said a few years ago he toured the Neuquen Mission. He kept saying that it is such a big mission. He said that it took him 10 days to cover the entire mission! We told him where you are and he said that this is such a beautiful place! You could tell that he misses his country!

wow awesome!! Civik is very cool from what i hear! he is from elder rodriguezs´ stake and has talked with him a lot! pretty cool that you all too got to have the opportunity to speak with him! very cool!

How are things in your part of the world?
COLD! its like 5 6 or 7 degrees all day these days! brrrr here comes the winter!!

Have you had time to read over the talks and info we sent in your last package?

IM trying to  but still have lots to study before i can really get into deeper things! i wanna relly familiarize myself with everything before i kive into anything too challenging!

Do you need more info like that (talks etc?) or CD’s or anything?

im looking into buying a little mp3 player. then i´ll get some music some how! im glad i dont have my i pod actually because it´d be impossible to get music from others because i pods and itunes dont really exist here. the´re all fakes haha but hopefully i can find something cheap and easy!

Are you and E Rod getting along well still?

yeah!! unfortunately its very probably that he´s headed out this week.  transfers are this weekend so we´re gonna see what happens!!

Do you know how much we love you?
Yes! thank you! i loveyou all too! so so much!

Tons and Tons and Tons and Tons!

can´t wait to hear from you all soon!! love love love!

para siempre!
Elder page!

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On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Sterling Page <8pagebook@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey Sweetie!!

Can you believe it is March already? I feel like we all need to hold on for a fast ride through 2011. So far I feel like it has been a good year. I hope you are having a good year so far too!

I have been wondering how your shoes are holding up? Are they still in good shape? Should we start looking for another pair? The same ones? Right Insoles? Let me know what’s up with this.

my shoes are doing greatªª im only using the echos right now and have the others waiting for me but i think im doin fine for nowª socks are always appreciatedª  the insoles are great tooª thank you thank youª

I hope you got your package and are enjoying some little treats from home. We will start putting together the next package soon, so if you have requests, tell us and we will gladly get stuff you need or want.

i got packages last p day after i wroteª thank you so so  so muchª pap and  grandma  are so so awesomeª all the missionaries love the triangle gameª

How are your investigators?

we  are really tryingª  slowly but surely they are progressing but lots dont want to keep their part of compromisos or reading and praying… but we are working with it and trying trying trying to find moreª

Who are you teaching? Met anyone new to teach lately?

we are planning family home evenings in all the members homes and having them invite people to become our investigatorsª we are really excited

One of my co-workers was asking where in Argentina you are. I guess her daughter is going to Barre Loche for 3 weeks on foreign exchange program. It sure is a small world when two children are half way across the world and only a short distance apart. Kind of amazing. I think she is going with a program at her school in Basalt or Aspen (?). I forgot to aske her. I bet its like the trip Brynn took her senior year.

bariloche is so so beautifulª ive heard that it has one of the top 10 veiws in the worldª  so so beautifulª

I have not heard if Russell has sent in his papers yet. Betty and Terry were asking questions about timing and stuff about a month ago. I will keep you posted when I hear anthing. I talked to Ashley for a while on the phone yesterday. She sounds so good. I think she is still missing you a lot, but is very apprehensive to say anything. She is auditioning for the Cougarettes on the 19th and is pretty nervous about it. I know she will do well. I’m sure she will keep you posted on the results.

that girl better be dancin her tooshy offªª haha i send her the best of luck and  prayers from argentinaª tell her to work harder and dance more but most of all to believe in herselfª  tell russ to dear elder me when he thinks about sendin in his papersª  i wanna hear all about itª

Basketball is winding up and I suppose spring sports will start soon. Collin is doing track, so no BBall this year, (maybe Eli). It feels wierd to not be packing the car for the long cold time outside watching. I guess we have to watch Lance play soccer and Collin at track meets. And of course it snowed last night, so I’m sure the first games/meets must be soon! It’s good to live in Colorado. Are there signs of fall there yet, or is it really hos still? Are the leaves starting to change clors?

oooo the colors are quite amazing down hereª  im anxiously waiting because its still really hotª the weather is supposed to change literally any day as we get closer and closer to aprilª

We love you so much honey! We are so greatful for all you are doing to spread the gospel. We are working hard on family prayer and scripture study. We all want to be a good example to you and eachother.


Mom and Dad, Collin, Emily, Lance,a nd Elijah
Your Pages!

hey everybodyª i love and miss you and the exclamation point doesnt work so ª means ¿with enthusiasm? haha

so this week was very very awesome.  a family here in trevelin had been noticing things going wrong in their home… things just werent right and a dark feeling was about the home. they told us how the kids cant sleep and were all  dreaming the same thing. seeing dark ghosts pass  by doorways and feeling “something” running hands through their hair as they tried to sleep.  we  had a family home eveining with them to help them calm down and bring a little bit of the light of christ into the home.  we talked with the dad and he told us that they had watched one of the exorcism movies recently and he  really regrets it.   its proof that satan exists and works with our actions as we choose the wrong… but we noticed, just as he had, the feeling of  darkness in the  home.  i cant explain it  but   trust me  it wasnt fun to feel… We had a family prayer and E rod said it because his spanish is better obviously but  the faith of everyone is what helped throw out what ever evil spirit was about the home. a very very strengthening experience…i will not likely forget how it felt. but dont worry   as long as you choose the right  theres no way the destroyer can   lead you astrayªª isnt that amazingª

we are really trying to work with the branch to have them help u sfind others… knocking doors isnt our duty but we do it anyways. im learning the importance of missionary work daily and the importance of the help of the members always to brng friends and family to meet with the missionariesª theres nothing to be lost and so so much to be gainedª the worst taht anybody can say is  no thanks…

okay  so i had a very awesome experience saturday and sundayª  saturday night we stopped by the church to “download” and we heard a tapping on the doors. there were 2 gringosªª a dad and sonª  they are on vcations with  the family from highland utahª they wanted to know when church started in themorning and so we chatted a bit and were about to leave and they asked if we had eaten dinner yet… we told them that we dont ever really have time to eat dinner so its not really something we plan daily haha  so they offered  to feed us. we told them that if out appt fell through we would love to join them.   so they are awesome and gave us a ride to our appt  ¿i love airconditioningª you are blessedª?  and turns out that our appt wasnt thereª so we went to the  cabin where their family wasª  The Sheffield familyª  they left 6 months ago from usa and have gone to every country on thier trip to argentinaª the dad served around here so they dicided to take a trip and see the worldª cool huhª so we went and ate with their family and i got to speak english with themª  fantasticªª  to feel such love and humility from a family who speaks english was just so so specialª the daughters and son are way cool and the dad is awesomeª but their mom…shes really really specialª maybe its just cuz shes a mom and feeling that special mom love is  just awesomeª so we ate hamburgers and enjoyed a day at church the next dayª

im really sorry but i dont have lots of time today·ª  but their e mail is chrissheffatgmail.com or chrisshefatgmail.com  give them a e mail  and i gave them the 8pagebook so next time they have internet they will e mail you a pic we toook’1

i love you all so so muchª

Elder Page ❤  8

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On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:09 AM, Sterling Page <8pagebook@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Sweetie!!!

How are you today? I am so thankful for the health of our family members. I have been thinking of this blessing we enjoy every day this week. I’m not sure why this has been on my mind so much, but I think about how fortunate we are to have good food to eat, a warm safe home to live in, and good health! Maybe I’m thinking of this because of the friends in our ward who are struggling (Peyton Armstrong, Rosemar Greathouse, and Brook Robison). Sometimes I wonder why certain people are given health challenges while others have very few of them. I guess Heavenly Father knows why, and maybe someday we will all understand this too! I hope you are staying healthy! — how is your ankle?

I wonder the same… why certain people live certain challenges and how some are affected by the choices of others…its really sad sometimes but God difinitely has a reason! i too am extremely thankful for the health and blessings we experience daily!

The high school musical opened this weekend. Your brother was so nervous on Friday that I thought he would throw up. I saw him just before the performance and he was pale and looked a little peaked! he said after the show started, he settled down, but that this was the most nervous he had ever been. We went to see it on Sat.a nd it was hilarious for all of us that grew up in the 80″s. The music was good (with the exception of a couple of performers). We really enjoyed it. Collin did a great job!

Yesterday we had Larsen’s over for doughnuts. We were talking and realized the last time we had doughnuts, was when we had the party at the house just before you left. We probably won’t do it again until Tayler comes home. I’m trying to save them for very special events, or family. It looks like Grandma and Pap are spending spring break with Dirk and Heather in Moab. I’m hoping to get them to stop by on their way home, and maybe we will do doughnuts then.

wow that is so so awesome! yesterday edler Rodriguez y yo were walking to an appointment and i told him that right now my family and our best friends the larsens were definitely eating donuts together talking about good times and enjoying the last moments of the weekend.  that is so so awesome! Tell those >Larsen people that i say hi! heck all the people you see! tell em hi for me please! im having a blast more and more each day as i learn to communicate more and more! talking witheveryone is so so fun!

So how are things in Argentina? is the weather good? Hot?
Argentina is mas que hermosa! (more than beautiful!)  yeah it makes it pretty hot somedays! today in esquel we hiked the Cerro La Cruz (Hill of the Cross…i think) its quite the hike… especially because we followed a natural drainage trail which was  extremely steep at times… haha but yeah very hot today  i was sweating like crazy! very awesome! and beautiful at the top! but once again… a really bad luck hits me with computers and my fotos wont show up on the computer… 😦 lo siento! i´ll send the memory card home soon eh!?

How is your new convert? Did he come to church yesterday?
He´s doing great… theres definitely challenges in his life still… more than usual but he feels so so strongly for the gospel and his testimony! he might be moving though… some really complicated situations are occuring but he says he´ll do what ever it takes to keep coming to church!

Did you get your package? Had a PBJ yet?
its muy probable que its waiting for me inthe  terminal where we pick up the pouch mail but its closed of course because its the hora de la siesta… everyone´s takin a lil break haha

The other day I realized that in just a few weeks you will get to call! I got so excited about that and so did the little boys! We can’t wait to hear your broken english.

hey ya thats right! when is that again? i honestly have no idea haha but im excited too! its hard for me to type because i have to triple translate everything to ingles and then double check in the head that it has sense ahaha

Dad and I are going to try to get to the temple this week I think. Maybe Thursday. I’m hoping we can get there without bad wether. I think it is supposed to be nice for the next few days, so we will see.

you lucky ducks… i miss that holy place ;(  lets go the day i get back eh? perhaps in Denver!?

I think you said you sent a hand written letter a while back, well we have not received it you. Each day I think it will be there, but we have yet to see it. I have heard it takes a very long time, so we will be patient. Grandma sent me all of the pictures from Disneyland, so i will get them made and be sure to send some to you. It was really nice to have our own photographer!

yeah! i cant wait! all the members here and investigators want to see pictures of disney land because its one of those things that everyone knows but never really has seen ya know what i mean¿?

Well honey, yesterday we talked about Agency (1Samuel 9) and Choosing Right (Matther 6-7). These lessons were so good! The bottom line is we need to do the right thing for the right reason! We are all going to work harder at making better choices so we can please our Heavenly Father. If we do this, the rewards and blessings will be great!

its really so important… i was studying the other day and realized that Jesus Christ could have sinned just like we can in our daily lives… his love for us and his desire to save us all through the atonement was so so strong that he chose not to sin so that we could still sin and be saved… that love amazes me and i´m trying day to day to apply it in mi vida!

Know that we all love you so much. We pray for you and your companiona nd all of the missionaries! Can’t wait to hear how your week was!

All My Love,

Mom 🙂

hey everybody! i love you! so so much!

a few requests…

has russell sent his papers in yet? whats his plans eh? brennan staheli?

Angelle Weller has a chart from seminary of the book of mormon year of the references to christ in each book of the BOM. do you think you could send that to me perhaps?

so as you had said concerning health…. be very grateful! we found an old man the other day Pablo,.  he lives in a tiny tiny home with 2 chairs, a bowl and his cats… lots of cats but nothing else.  the doctors told him he cant work becuase he is very very sick and  infected in his upper body. as we taught him of the Restoration of the Gospel to Jose Smith he said it was interesting and wants to hear more.  but  over all he really just wants something to eat.  he had been looking for something to eat for 2 days before hand and hadn´t found anything… I had a really strange feeling after we were full from lunch to bring a snack with me… not putting mucho thought to it i brought some peanut butter crackers along (from grandma linda 😉 thank you) along. later i found out that the feeling i had was an impression from the spirit to bring some food to Pablo. its incredible how it all works out for the benefit of somebody somehow isnt it!?

i was studying christ like attributes and found perhaps the big cheese of all! GRATITUDE!
i found the talk by The Prophet thomas s monson in the Ensign of November 2010  page 87   wow fantastic!  Gratitude for the blessings we receive from god is so so important! remember it! and apply it! read that talk eh?  i love love love it!

my favorite scripture of the week is Doctrine and convenios 81:3-6   Crowns and Mansions! things that seem so so worldly will be worth much more value in heaven!

Im really sorry… i feel like i never write enough!  but i want you all to know that im doing great! we´re working really hard even though the times are rough right now and the numbers are down… we´re pressing on and always trusting in the lord! please help the missionaries teach, find, work, teach, find, eat, cuz its really something helpful. 🙂

Shooting Stars in Argentina are by far the best i´ve seen in my life!
❤ Con Mucho Amor *8*
Elder Page

From: Austin Page austin.page@myldsmail.net>
> Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 12:04 PM
> Subject: Re: Another week gone by!
> To: Sterling Page 8pagebook@gmail.com>

> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 2:11 AM, Sterling Page 8pagebook@gmail.com> wrote:
> I hope you opened the other email too. I attached the talks you wanted. One file is fairly large, so it might take a while to print, so I sent a copy of both of them in you package this week. So how often do packages get to you? Do you only get them at transfers or zone or district conferences? I’ve been wondering how that works.
> The packages i get through the bolsa (pouchmail)  and  it comes every week to the district leaders appt. so i got a package from grammy and pap last monday whatever day that was! Thank you so much! so i dont really know how long it takes to get to here but from whenever they sent it  up until the date of last monday thats how long i guess!
> We got a call from Taylor Parsons today. Dad sent him a book to read and he wanted to call and say thanks. He asked how you were and wondered about what you are doing. I think I will foreword some of your emails to him so he can read what’s going on with you.
> wow awesome!! can you tell him and anyone else taht they can use dear elder to write? itstotally free and i love love love getting written words from people!!!
> We have several missionaries here that are going home this week. Crunkleton and Gordon will be heading home on Tuesday and Elder Anderson is going on Tuesday as well. Lance and Amy and family took him back to Denver on Sat (he got permission to go early for a sealing in the temple). I expect he will be back here before too long. I think he has a thing for Kelsey, so I guess we’ll see. I am excited to see who the new missionaries will be. We signed up to have them for dinner next week. Every time I see their meal calendar, I wonder if you are getting fed well, or if there are days that you are hungry. I hope there are more feeding days than hungry days!
> our calendar is slim lately but the other day we had a fantastic lunch! theres not really days when im hungry but cravings are insane for home cooked meals haha but i get over them quickly! cant wait to have some peanut butter! 🙂 Theres a pic of E. ROD and i after the great meal we had attached to this mail!
> The Biggs’ found out this week that their nephew received his mission call this week to Neuquen, Argentina!!! He goes to the MTC May 25th, so he will be heading your way about July or so. I will send you his name so you can watch out for him. It is really a small world in the church. I gave Connie my email to give to his mom in case she has any questions, so I might be asking you questions for her.
> Speaking of questions, how was your Baptism. We were thinking of you all day on Saturday wondering how it was going. Did you or Elder Rodriguez baptize him? Were there lots of people there? Tell us all about it. I sure hope it went well.

> we had to change his date to the  19 of feb. because of some traveling he´´ll be doing so that complicated things but we did go to a baptism of the hermanas (sisters) in Esquel! Franco got baptized and it was fantastic to witness! its  so so amazing to see someone learn and choose to follow christ in his example of baptism with the restored priesthood again on the earth!
> We have been talking with a new family that moved to the area. He works at the hospital in Human Resources and they have twin boys that are in Lance’s class. They are looking for a church, so we invited them. We thought maybe they would come today, but they were not there. The boys did come to scouts on Wed night and had a great time. The wife has been going to an exercise class on Monday mornigs at the church with Connie, so at least they are meeting some people. I think we will have them all over for doughnuts next week when we get back from Disneyland!

> Tell us about your week and everything you have learned and have been doing.

> Have you been on any adventures?

> hmmmm adventures…

> How is your companion? How long has he been out on his mission?
> This week was transfers…but elder rodriguez (E.ROD) ((instead of A. ROD haha)) are staying in Trevelin! we´re both super excited to keep working here in the mountians and be more focused on baptizing. thats our goal for the next 6 weeks! He´s been here for the past 5 transfers haha so he has knocked every door at least 5 times! haha but we´re stickin with it and progressing with our investigators!! he´s been on the mission for 9 months now i believe! he´s teachin me awesome things and we´re having a blast!
> How was church today? Are you understanding church services and lessons in Spanish? Are the people understanding you?
> DChurch was fantastic! the congregatioin was only about 15 people but almost everybody gave their testimonios and it was beautiful! i can understand mostly everything when we talk about church things but during the day when we talk with others and about other things i under stand about 70 or 80 percent because i´ve always learned spanish and now its Castellano…its rough but im movin along!!

> Is the picture in the cave of you, your companion and the other missionaries in you area? Where are they serving?
> ifi remember correctly the picture i sent was of our district! EROD and i elder chandia and slaugh (esquel2) and the sisters hermana arancibia and murdock (esquel1) they´re all great! Hna arancibia terminado su mision yesterday! it was wierd saying goodbye but all is well!!
> We want you to know that we love you so much. We appreciate your sacrafice and your willingness to serve Heavenly Father! You are such a great example to all of us and how we can all be better missionaries. We promise to do our part here while you are doing your part far away from us. Have a great week and know that we think about you and pray for you always!!!

> All my love,
> Mom
> i love you all so so much too! i miss you all too ya know that!! i hope you all are having a blast in disneyland!! wow what a fun time eh!?
> so the pics are of me on the plane from dallas to buenos aires, the meal we had the other day (chicken bread pasta potato salad(ish) and much more deliciousness! also we made empenadas with the familia silva! they´re delicious too!
> So Ash tells me that one of her friends just got home from their mission and he was serving with tayler larsen! i was freakin out when i read that! seriously! have you talked with her about that? do the larsens know? hook them 2 up if possible! im sure they´d love to talk with tthat kid about tay!

> adventures… hmmmmm well we gave service the others day to a real old man and we dug out some space beneath his apple trees and there were NO ROCKS!! i was thrilled! i could´ve dug all all day and night! feeling the shovel slide through like a hot knife to butter! wow… what a strange feeling right? also we do a LOT of contacts… about 200 a week. and in a small town like trevelin, thats many duplicates haha but they´re fun and we´re getting to know many people  in the town…who do avoid and who has some interest! its great! also there are a TON of backpackers here right now! its tourist season and vacationes veranos for the schools so this week we ran into a family from arizona! hearing english was fantastic and very difficult to speak haha also another guy we ran into was from boulder! seeing somebody from home was rather odd hahaha but very fun to talk with!  when we do contacts but people dont want to come out of their houses its really fun. in ARGEntina theres  a ton of hand signals that go along with talking… its very very animated at times. so i´m trying to learnt hem  but its funny sometimes because we can have a fully loaded contact without words beign spoken! haha its a blast.

> i´ve been loving reading the book of mormon recently and loving appplying the principles in mylife! are you alldoin the same!¿?try to read it daily! tis so so amazing! 3 ne 11 is incredible and guess what… we have a family in the rama   la familia lavendera  the mother told us that in her patriarchal blessing it tells her that she was one of the angels who came to earth with christ when he came to the americas! when the cielos opened and angels came and surrounded the children!!! she was there!  i find that amazing!

> I love you all a ton! be sure you´re having family prayer. im seeing the importance of an eternal family and am so thankful for mine! ç
> i love the pages!
> love Elder page

Sorry I didn’t send last week’s letter. Here is the one from today, and last week’s will follow. We are having a blast here in sunny california! Love you all!

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From: Austin Page <austin.page@myldsmail.net>
Date: Feb 14, 2011 2:11pm
Subject: Re: LOVE YOU

> On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 6:09 AM, Sterling Page 8pagebook@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey dude I realy miss you, but we are having so much fun here in califonia.  So we went to church today and one of the missionaries is from Chile!!!! That was cool.  We then went to The Mormon Batalion Museum and went on a tour through their journy to san diego.  They were promised by Brigham Young that if they stayed faithful then they would never have to fight in the war and they never had to fight any thing but bulls.  they stayed strong all the way through the journey and faithful.  we are going to disneyland tomorrow but we will never have a better time than you.  I miss you and love you, Emily.
>      Hey Bro!!!! California has been a blast!! We went whale watching (say that ten times fast) on saturday and I got a glorious tan while we were on the water. We were on a little boat with about only 15 other people and it was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done because the waters were calm and it was about 78 degrees with a small breeze. And seeing a couple whales and sea lions was just icing on top 🙂 Then we just spent a day on long beach relaxing and letting grandma take all the pictures she could. Their was a wedding going on next to the light house and grandma was practically at the end of the aisle taking pictures and Pap had to come tell her that she’s gona get in trouble if she keeps taking pictures of private events. Crazy Grandma but we still love her. I was wondering how close the nearest temple was to you as we were passing the San Diego Temple. That is one of the most gorgeous buildings I have EVER seen!!!! Well I hope you are having success in your little town! I was talking with Dad the other day and I told him that you probably get to know everyone as a friend in your town before they get to know you as a missionary. Keep working hard and remember that all your trust should be in the lord because he is Omnipotent AND Omniscient so he knows all things and has the means to do what he wants to get done. Keep working hard and I love you- Your Big Little Brother: Collin Page
> Hi sweetie,
> As Collin and Emily told you we have ben having fun here in California. I am missing you and Brynn on this trip so much! I feel like part of us us missing, I keep looking around for you two! I know what you are doing is so important and that you are where you are supposed to be, so we move on. As they told you we went to SanDiego today after church. We went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor’s Center. This is the remodel project that President Jex worked on just after he left Glenwood Springs. The building was beautiful and the spirit was strong testifying of the mission of those young men that took on the challenge of forming an army in the west. Grandma and Pap enjpyed themselves very much.
>  The trip has been fun so far and we still get three days at Disneyland Mon, Tues and Wed. We have attached a picture of us from today. I hope you can print it and keep it with you. If not, we will send some your way. let us know if you are able to print it!
> How has your week been?
> WOW it sounds like the pages are having an absolute blast!   enjoy it while it lasts! that sounds like so so so much fun! lets go when i get back k?¿?¿?   My week has been fantastic! the first part was SO hot… like 103 degrees hot!  slightly singed with a transforming handsom tan on the way 🙂 haha  but rain came a couple days ago and it was glorious! and wow did it pour! when its really dry for a long time like it was the past week the clouds form on the coast of chile and soar over the andes and dump it all on us! 🙂 i loved it! and yes got soaked!
> Is your baptism still on for next week? or was it this week?
> its set for this saturday! Setimio is so excited! we´re currently looking for white pants for him because he´s on the larger side of the scale if ya know what i mean haha but we´re planning it for saturday at 7 and everyone is super excited! Presidente ganga is going to baptize him!   i´ve made a goal to not baptize anyone if i dont have to.  in my opinion the relationship despues the bautismo is something so so crucial that  somebody in the barrio should do it. if an investigator asked me to i would be more than happy to but i really dont want to because i´d rather they have a closer relationship despues el bautismo so they can stay close to the church and members!
> We sure have a greater appreciation of all of the missionaries we come across now! I think of the sacrafice and blessings they are each receiving, I think of their families and especially thier mothers! You are all such great young people!
> We have been loving the temperature here. I am imagining that it is similar to Argentina, about 75 during the day, but chilly at night. We are all a little sunburned because no one wants to stay inside, and forget the sunscreen! We want to prove to everyone in GWS that we spent some time in the sun. I got a text from Connie when we were out watching whales that it was very cold outside and inside when they were watching the basketball game on Saturday. I felt bad for her, but only for a minute as we relaxed on the water looking for whales. It was a great time.
> What were some highlights from your week?
> we did splits with the district presidency on sunday afternoon! i was kind of nervous because i was going with hermano manz from esquel and didnt know if i would be able to understand him… but things went perfect and we visited lessa actives and actually 2 of our investigadores tambien! my spanish is coming along well but still understanding when people start a conversation and are talking really fast is difficult! but time patience and prayer is key in everything really!
> Are you working hard? Doing lots of service?
> we actually failed all of our goals this week  because we did have a lot of service projects! along with the heat… there´s not many people in the streets and so that leads us to not many contacts… but please be grateful for the lawn mower we have at home… be grateful that you dont have to cut grass (weeds) with only a shovel and machete…dont complain when its your turn to mow this summer! haha  Also this morning we laid the floor to a house being built! wow that was fun! the bags of cement are 90 kilos… my back is killing me haha but looking into the future and seeing that a family will have a home to live in and a solid foundation becuase of my hard work brings a huge smile to my face and i know its totally worth any amount of pain!!
> Grandma and I were talking today on the trip to San Diego and she was saying that she misses having someone to talk to since she is not working anymore. I told her to find someone in need to do something for and that would help her to feel less discouraged. We can always find someone less fortuanate than ourselves. I hope you are staying positive too! Know that the people you are touching may take a while to accept the Gospel, but eventually they will remember some little thing “the Missionaries” did for them. We touch people when we least expect it and in some unlikely ways. Be patient and stay positive, it will pay off!
> Did you get your peanutbutter yet?
> nope not yet! probably next week! im super excited… i hope i can ration it… and enjoy it over a period of time haha i´ll sure try! :):):)
> Are you doing ok on supplies, is there anything you need? (I sent deoderant)
> please… dont let this sound like a demand or anything but please dont send a box without razor blades and socks… haha  i never thought that i´d go through those things so dang fast!! two things that get used every single day!
> What was your favorite scripture this week?
> Abraham 4 23 i think or maybe it was 3… i dont remember perfectly but it talks about the noble and great ones that were with Abraham and God stood amongst them… i think the page family was there too 😉
> When is your first Zone Conference and where do you go for that?
> ZONE CONFERANCE!! im so pumped! itsthursday and in bariloche! its so so beautiful there! if i ever get the chance to come back here someday like after im married or whenever in my life i´d love to go to bariloche! so gorgeous! i´ll send pics!

> I know you are doing well, I feel the conformation from the spirit that you are great there! I miss you and hope you are safe and happy! We love you so much! I know we write that every letter, but I need you to know that it is true!!! We Love You So Much!!!!!
> Have a great week and we can’t wait to hear from you today! We are coming back from Disneyland to check for your email at lunch time. I am looking foreword to it more than riding “Soaring over Califorina” my favorite ride here! Hugs and Kisses!!!!!!!
> Love, MOM 🙂
> i love you all so so much! can you send me syd C´s phone number!? i need to send her a hug through text message hehe
> also can ya include the simple cake mix cookies recipe? por favor!
> i made french toast today! ha wow that was delicious! i had honey instead of syrup and jelly inbetween  wow   so so delicious!  the other day i wasnt so lucky!  things were tight at the fin de semana (weekend) because a couple meals got canceled which were crucial when we were buying groceries for the week… there wasnt much timeto go buy something so i had to go with tuna… mixed with bbq sauce, corn and lemon juice to make it seem like it should taste good… i dont reccomend it haha oh the things that missionaries will eat to be full…
> here´s some homework for youall!  there are major teams of FUTBOL in argentina…. racing river and boca!  i think i´m going to choose racing (pronounced Rassing)  to be my team! mainly because the colors because i dont know anything about the teams haha its really not important but everyone has to be for or against a team becuase you´d be surprised how many times futbol comes into the conversation every day haha with everybody! but maybe you all could look at the mascots and colors and tell me what ya think!
> be sure to have family prayer in california!! call brynn if she´s not busy and include her and matt too!   i´ll be sleeping but you can consider me there in my dreams! my dreams have been awesome!
> CANt Wait to see yáll soon!
> love
> Elder Austin Page!

hola hola familia pagina!!
como estan! les amo muchisimo!
i´ll start by answering some of the questions you´ve asked!! <8 and sorry its a little difficutl typing of a spanish keyboard<9
<the plane ride, or the traveling all around… was honestly horrible! wow it was just not fun at all! from dallas we went to <buenos aires <8  eleven hours<9 then from <ba to <Neuquen! from newquen we spent the night at the mission home and an appartment near by and then the next night my companion elder gonzalez y yo left  (by bus) to go to Trevelin! taht took another 13 or 14 hours due to lay overs and stuff and wow the ride was rough! muchas babies llorando and just lots of noise! we arrived in trevelin sometime that morning and got to work! started knockin on doors and meeting with some of the members introducing myself to them and not understanding a single word they say! <last night was the first night of real sleep i got since sunday night and <oh my goodness it felt so so nice!
<Elder <Gonzales is fantastic! he´s from buenos aires and tiene 7 meses en his mission! he´s a great trainer and we decided to not speak any english at all !  he knows english as well because he livede in CA for a couple years as a child  but really he is so so awesome! we´re gettin along great and he´s really helping me with my spanish!
<trevelin is beautiful! the mountains are different than in colorado! very rugged and they seem to be very loose, or nonsturdy. if that makes sense. kind of like just really REALLY big piles of loose rock at places! pretty awesome though! <trevelin kind of reminds me of Eagle! it sits in realation to the mountains behind it kind of like  <Eagle does with the new yorks  its even pretty small like eagle but everything is relatively close together but all is flat! not much incline anywhere in the town! but it sure is beautiful!
<yesterday we knocked on a door and the man let us in! wow that was cool! we taught him about the boook or mormon and why we have it and its impoprtance and he was actually participating! let me tell you that the language here is incredibly difficult to understand! mexican spanish is much easier to entender than the spanish (called CASTILLANO) pronounced (costishano) is just crazily slurred and every Y and LL is a sh sound.  im sorry this might be hard to read. im in a little cyber cafe and the little boy playing hado before me spilled sometype of sticky substance on the keyboard haha its really gross to touch
<everything is done by foot unless we go to another town. right now im in Esquel just north of trevelin and its way beautiful! we had a district meeting with the hermanas and the other elderes  theres 6 total inour district  and they´re all great!!  yesterday when we were tracting there was 1 point where there were 11 dogs surrounding us! luckily none of them died haha but yeah that was crazy crazy! many many dogs here look so wierd because there is a lot of… “odd pair ups” of female and male dogs and that makes one funky lookin perro! (dog) haha they just dont look right sometimes haha
wow thank you so much for the package! last night we were at the store looking for food for the next couple days and i just wanted to find somethinlike granola bars or somethin healthy to munchon  to keep my figure lol and there´s not much! so many things are just sugar and starch and bleck… but wow the trail mix   mmmmmdeliciouso! thank you for all of it!
oh  goodness gracious its HOT today! at about 2 til 5 it is crazy caliente! thats why they have a siesta at that time because its too hot to work (comfortably) haha but we do it anyways!
usually tomorrow is p day but because of the new year im emailing today because most of the  stores will be closed tomorrow for … well mainly for hangovers but they call it the holiday haha but i think tomorrow the elders and hermanas and i are going to go to a lake and hike around and see the sghts! man im excited to take pictures!!! of reminds can you send me my memory cards back porfavor! gracias!
so i have to take something back. ok well 2 things from our conversation the other day!  first of all… brynn i sure do love those ties you chose for your wedding. they are just so gorgeous and amazing but i decided to not bring it so i could have it to wear when i return! how does that sound Ü haha
number 2…. my favrorite part of the <mtc actally wasnt at the mtc itself.  it was at the temple 🙂  definitely my favorite part was doing sealings at the temple! the blessings that are received through cealings and honoring covenants with the lord are just incredible. feeling the happiness of a family being united together on the other side of the veil is so so amazing! that was definitely my favorite part. i CANt wait to do more with all of you back at home!
well my time is up! 40 minutos no mas each week! im realizing that this was a lot of spanglish so i apologize  you might have to translate a bit! <thanks for all you have done for me and continue to do!  please write letters!  i cant wait to write!
i love you all a bunch a bunch a bunch! tell everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR from south america!!
<love your missionary,
<elder <austin <neal <page!
is everybody excited to start school again!? i sure hope so! learn lots ok?
On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 1:09 AM, Sterling Page <8pagebook@gmail.com> wrote: 

Hola Elder Page!

It’s your big sister, and the rest of the family! How was your plane ride down to Argentina? I bet you were glad to get off that plane and onto the ground. Tell us about getting down there. Did you fly or take a bus after you got to Buenos Aires? How do you like it down there? Do you like your companion? We heard from your mission president’s wife Wednesday night, she said they love you already, and that you’re a sweet boy. Mom sure agreed! We found the town you are in on the map, and on google earth. It sure looks like it is a beautiful area. How does it compare to home? What are the mountains like? Collin wants to know if you’ve eaten anything weird yet, and if so what was it. Have you taught anyone yet? Or are you just knocking on doors right now? Do you know how big the ward/branch is there? Have you met the bishop or anyone else from the ward yet? How are you getting around, bikes or on foot?  What did you do when you first got to Argentina? Sister Peterson said that you spent your first day in Neuquen with your trainers doing things, we’re anxiously waiting for the pictures she promised to send us.

Life at home hasn’t really changed since we talked to you on Monday. We’ve finally gotten some snow, but still not enough to go sledding. The little boys can’t wait till there’s enough to try out their new sleds. But hopefully with the storm that’s just coming in now, we’ll get some. They say we should get snow for the next three days. What’s the weather like where you are? It’s probably lots warmer there! How is that? Having summer in December? How’s your Spanish now that you’re out in the real world? It sounded great on the phone! Matt says that you know you’re really fluent when you start dreaming in Spanish instead of English.

I can’t believe that it’s pretty much 2011 now. This has been a crazy year! We can’t wait to see what this new year will bring. It’s going to bring you lots of wonderful experiences, and we want to hear about as many of them as possible. Don’t forget to write in your journal so that you can remember those experiences and tell us all about them when you get home! I promise I’ll try to do the same for you so that you know what has happened while you’ve been gone. But I’m pretty sure that your journal will be much more fun to read!

I’m going to try to attach a picture of all of us kids in our bright yellow pj pantsJ Aren’t you glad you don’t have a pair! If there had been enough fabric I was going to make you a pair and send them to you, but unfortunately there was only enough to make an extra pair of little kid ones. Oh well. Your loss…not really. But they are crazy warm and so soft.

I was the only other one in the car with Mom and Dad when we brought you the package, and it was so good to see you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy! We love turning on the electronic picture frame that has all of your mission pictures on it and just sitting and seeing your smiling face! You look so happy and I know that it is because you are 100% dedicated to the work that you are doing. You really have the spirit of the Lord with you and it shines through so brightly that anyone can see and feel it. We all love you so much and you are setting such a great example for your brothers and sister, and all your cousins! We all love getting your letters because your happiness shines through your words and it makes us miss you a little less when we know that you are so happy to be doing something that you love with all your heart.

Con Todo Nuestro Amor

Su Familia  Dad, Mom, Brynn, Matt, Collin, Emily, Lance, and Eli

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