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…A fine Young Man

So do you have your travel itinerary yet?

No, no travel itinerary yet! 😦 but im hopin really soon! i’ve heard the visas for arg are coming quickly! i might get to fly to LA for the day to get interviewed and sign a paper at the colsolate or whatever its called. somebody who does something important to get me outta here! haha but we’ll see how that goes!

When do you leave and what connections do you have? I would love to be able to follow your trip.

i should be leaving the 27 of december! i hope i dont get dalayed… idk how much longer i can take this food…:

Have you gotten lots of letters lately?

yeah! can you guys use dear elder? please? i’d love to hear about things during the week! tell peopleif they want to write or anything they can use that because its free! they just print it out and deliver it to us here at the MTC. its pretty neat!



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Tell me about a typical day for you!

typical day… get up, go to class, go to breakfast, go to class, go to lunch, go to dinner, go to class.. go to room. go to bed. haha ina nutshell thats about it! we’re studying a lot about the lessons and how to find needs of an investigator! its so so fun and interesting! we have progressive investigators too which are teachers pretending to be inv.’s for us so we can treat it like a real situation each week. its great!
What time are you up?
630 each morning, unless its going to be a busy morning for everyone on my floor and then i get up early so i dont have to wait in the cold bathroom for a shower… that is not fun! haha
Are you getting enough exercise?

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Week 2 – Note to Mom

Is there a place on campus for you to get things you need?

Ya! theres a bookstore here on MTC campus that has some stuff! if i come across anything i need that i cant get here i’ll be sure to let you guys know

What about laundry?

My laundry is in the drier at this moment 🙂 and its free! theres about a hundred or so washers and driers in the basement here so it gets done pretty easily on P-Days


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Hey Family!

Its goin great here! i honestly love it so much! when i got outta the
car i went through a bunch of paperwork verification to make sure i
was who i said a was then dropped my stuff off in the class room and
met up with the other guys in my district. then it was right into
class. all Spanish all day everyday haha its the best way to learn it
i guess!! my companion is Elder Summers, he’s from Parker CO! so you
all could meet his family i bet sometime! and we just got a new
companion yesterday Elder Leigh from Ogden. i love them both so much!
they’re great examples and we have a great time together! The
cafeteria is alright but i miss the sizzle and scent of mama’s cookin
in the kitchen! collin, eat thirds for me tonight please! haha I gave
Elder Summers a blessing last night because he was feelin a cold
coming on. that was so so amazing to feel words be put into my mouth.


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For months we have been collecting things, running around town shopping, cleaning out closets and packing Austin for his mission to Argentina. It seemed like a daunting task at first, but with the direction of the church we proceded to pack everything he needed into two bags not weighing more than fifty pound. Once the task was completed, Austin looked at these two bags and remarked about how little he really need. There it sat, in the livingroom, two suitcases filled with the next two years of his life. I think it was at that moment that he and I both realized more fully that this life is about the experiences we create and the people we touch not the things we have. We left the house Monday, and after a short and expensive detour that required a new transmission, we were off to Provo, Ut. This was a very fun family trip, it was exciting to start Austin off on a great adventure. Then Wednesday came and although this is what we have always hoped and prayed Austin would choose, we all felt like a little piece of our hearts were torn out and left on the curb at the MTC. And so we begin, with our first missionary, what has been called the best two years of a young man’s life.

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