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A surprise encounter…

So thigs did not go quite as we had planned on Tuesday morning! Here’s the story:

We have been planning for a couple of weeks to leave a special christmas package in a designated place between the MTC and the Temple on Tuesday the 21st for Austin and some of his companions. We were planning to be in Provo for Whitney Ward’s wedding and to pick up Brynn and Matt and bring them home for Christmas anyway, so why not leave the boy some freshly made breakfast burritos and muffins for breakfast? Well, Sterling and I had carefully planned this whole thing complete with drop off time and place so we would be sure to leave this package just before he arrived, but not too soon so no one else snatched it and we would not see him. It was a brilliant, sneaky plan!  We would be sure to be gone long before his arrival! (We decided that we should not see him- it would just be too hard and besides it is against mission rules to have “random encounters” with your missionaries. (more…)


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Here is this weeks letter from Austin. He sounds so good! This young man is sure growing spiritually! What a wonderful thing a mission is! I know there is no better way for Heavenly Father to teach these young men. We are counting down the days until we get to talk to him. We will let you all know when that will be and if you would like to join us for the phone call, you are certainly welcome!!! We sure miss that boy!!!!!!!


How are you? Have you had another awsome week?

Yes! im doing fantastic! i love being a missionary and learning so much new stuff!

somethings maybe you could include in the package…

face wash, razor heads, shoe shine (small), and 2 or 3 normal low ankle socks. the nike kind? black if possible? 🙂 oh and theres this cool thing like a glue stick but its a spray and wash substance. can i have one? very useful haha

I know I keep asking, but any travel itinerary yet?

nope,,,:( not yet! but good news! all the missionaries who are serving in ARG met with the arg. consulate this week and he assured us all that our visas will be coming through soon and we’ll be outta here on time! 8) we’re all stoked! so hopefully this week i’ll have my plans and i believe i get to call for a tiny bit to tell you all when i can call. because it all depends on when i leave here and when my flight leaves and stuff! so  you might hear from me soon 😉


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So that is the extent of my spanish for today. I have been thinking that you should be one of the most seasoned missionaries at the MTC these days. Six weeks there and you probably have things just about figured out? Only a few more days and off to Argentina! We are so excited for you. Any word on travel times or connections? I am counting down the days until we get to talk to you. (20 days) It feels like forever since I’ve heard your voice, but the letters and e-mails are filling that void pretty well right now.

How was your week?

Not a lot new here, other than football is officially over for the season.Ye Ha!! You’ve probably heard that the boys lost, it was a good game and the team from Elizabeth deserved to win. They played a very good game. Our boys played ok, but lacked the enthusiasm and energy to get the job done. It sure was more fun to be on the winning side of things than the loosing side. I think Collin learned a lot from losing, and I think they will be back at this game again before he graduates.


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Week #5 Letter Home

hey there guys! como estan ustedes!?  I love you all a lot! 🙂

i’ve had a pretty good week! it has gone be so quickly! i’m starting to see how long a mission actually is! but i love it! absolutely love it! thanks giving was fantastic! did you guys get the letter i sent! we were allowed to write home so i sent one friday morning! i hope you got it! Brynn said she hasnt gotten any letters from me, and i’ve sent like 3 i think so can you tell her to keep writing please! and i’ll keep writing too! basically everyone should keep writing !por favor!

Tell Grandma Linda and Pap i got the calendar they made me 🙂 i love it! my companions think its awesome to see my abuela on  a  dirt bike! haha they thought it was pretty hilarious! and i got the memory card from them too! i should be set to jet on memory cards cuz i have about 20 G’s of memory all together right now haha but thank you so so much! i cant wait to fill em up and send em back  to ya’ll! (more…)

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