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hola hola familia pagina!!
como estan! les amo muchisimo!
i´ll start by answering some of the questions you´ve asked!! <8 and sorry its a little difficutl typing of a spanish keyboard<9
<the plane ride, or the traveling all around… was honestly horrible! wow it was just not fun at all! from dallas we went to <buenos aires <8  eleven hours<9 then from <ba to <Neuquen! from newquen we spent the night at the mission home and an appartment near by and then the next night my companion elder gonzalez y yo left  (by bus) to go to Trevelin! taht took another 13 or 14 hours due to lay overs and stuff and wow the ride was rough! muchas babies llorando and just lots of noise! we arrived in trevelin sometime that morning and got to work! started knockin on doors and meeting with some of the members introducing myself to them and not understanding a single word they say! <last night was the first night of real sleep i got since sunday night and <oh my goodness it felt so so nice!
<Elder <Gonzales is fantastic! he´s from buenos aires and tiene 7 meses en his mission! he´s a great trainer and we decided to not speak any english at all !  he knows english as well because he livede in CA for a couple years as a child  but really he is so so awesome! we´re gettin along great and he´s really helping me with my spanish!
<trevelin is beautiful! the mountains are different than in colorado! very rugged and they seem to be very loose, or nonsturdy. if that makes sense. kind of like just really REALLY big piles of loose rock at places! pretty awesome though! <trevelin kind of reminds me of Eagle! it sits in realation to the mountains behind it kind of like  <Eagle does with the new yorks  its even pretty small like eagle but everything is relatively close together but all is flat! not much incline anywhere in the town! but it sure is beautiful!
<yesterday we knocked on a door and the man let us in! wow that was cool! we taught him about the boook or mormon and why we have it and its impoprtance and he was actually participating! let me tell you that the language here is incredibly difficult to understand! mexican spanish is much easier to entender than the spanish (called CASTILLANO) pronounced (costishano) is just crazily slurred and every Y and LL is a sh sound.  im sorry this might be hard to read. im in a little cyber cafe and the little boy playing hado before me spilled sometype of sticky substance on the keyboard haha its really gross to touch
<everything is done by foot unless we go to another town. right now im in Esquel just north of trevelin and its way beautiful! we had a district meeting with the hermanas and the other elderes  theres 6 total inour district  and they´re all great!!  yesterday when we were tracting there was 1 point where there were 11 dogs surrounding us! luckily none of them died haha but yeah that was crazy crazy! many many dogs here look so wierd because there is a lot of… “odd pair ups” of female and male dogs and that makes one funky lookin perro! (dog) haha they just dont look right sometimes haha
wow thank you so much for the package! last night we were at the store looking for food for the next couple days and i just wanted to find somethinlike granola bars or somethin healthy to munchon  to keep my figure lol and there´s not much! so many things are just sugar and starch and bleck… but wow the trail mix   mmmmmdeliciouso! thank you for all of it!
oh  goodness gracious its HOT today! at about 2 til 5 it is crazy caliente! thats why they have a siesta at that time because its too hot to work (comfortably) haha but we do it anyways!
usually tomorrow is p day but because of the new year im emailing today because most of the  stores will be closed tomorrow for … well mainly for hangovers but they call it the holiday haha but i think tomorrow the elders and hermanas and i are going to go to a lake and hike around and see the sghts! man im excited to take pictures!!! of reminds can you send me my memory cards back porfavor! gracias!
so i have to take something back. ok well 2 things from our conversation the other day!  first of all… brynn i sure do love those ties you chose for your wedding. they are just so gorgeous and amazing but i decided to not bring it so i could have it to wear when i return! how does that sound Ü haha
number 2…. my favrorite part of the <mtc actally wasnt at the mtc itself.  it was at the temple 🙂  definitely my favorite part was doing sealings at the temple! the blessings that are received through cealings and honoring covenants with the lord are just incredible. feeling the happiness of a family being united together on the other side of the veil is so so amazing! that was definitely my favorite part. i CANt wait to do more with all of you back at home!
well my time is up! 40 minutos no mas each week! im realizing that this was a lot of spanglish so i apologize  you might have to translate a bit! <thanks for all you have done for me and continue to do!  please write letters!  i cant wait to write!
i love you all a bunch a bunch a bunch! tell everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR from south america!!
<love your missionary,
<elder <austin <neal <page!
is everybody excited to start school again!? i sure hope so! learn lots ok?
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Hola Elder Page!

It’s your big sister, and the rest of the family! How was your plane ride down to Argentina? I bet you were glad to get off that plane and onto the ground. Tell us about getting down there. Did you fly or take a bus after you got to Buenos Aires? How do you like it down there? Do you like your companion? We heard from your mission president’s wife Wednesday night, she said they love you already, and that you’re a sweet boy. Mom sure agreed! We found the town you are in on the map, and on google earth. It sure looks like it is a beautiful area. How does it compare to home? What are the mountains like? Collin wants to know if you’ve eaten anything weird yet, and if so what was it. Have you taught anyone yet? Or are you just knocking on doors right now? Do you know how big the ward/branch is there? Have you met the bishop or anyone else from the ward yet? How are you getting around, bikes or on foot?  What did you do when you first got to Argentina? Sister Peterson said that you spent your first day in Neuquen with your trainers doing things, we’re anxiously waiting for the pictures she promised to send us.

Life at home hasn’t really changed since we talked to you on Monday. We’ve finally gotten some snow, but still not enough to go sledding. The little boys can’t wait till there’s enough to try out their new sleds. But hopefully with the storm that’s just coming in now, we’ll get some. They say we should get snow for the next three days. What’s the weather like where you are? It’s probably lots warmer there! How is that? Having summer in December? How’s your Spanish now that you’re out in the real world? It sounded great on the phone! Matt says that you know you’re really fluent when you start dreaming in Spanish instead of English.

I can’t believe that it’s pretty much 2011 now. This has been a crazy year! We can’t wait to see what this new year will bring. It’s going to bring you lots of wonderful experiences, and we want to hear about as many of them as possible. Don’t forget to write in your journal so that you can remember those experiences and tell us all about them when you get home! I promise I’ll try to do the same for you so that you know what has happened while you’ve been gone. But I’m pretty sure that your journal will be much more fun to read!

I’m going to try to attach a picture of all of us kids in our bright yellow pj pantsJ Aren’t you glad you don’t have a pair! If there had been enough fabric I was going to make you a pair and send them to you, but unfortunately there was only enough to make an extra pair of little kid ones. Oh well. Your loss…not really. But they are crazy warm and so soft.

I was the only other one in the car with Mom and Dad when we brought you the package, and it was so good to see you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy! We love turning on the electronic picture frame that has all of your mission pictures on it and just sitting and seeing your smiling face! You look so happy and I know that it is because you are 100% dedicated to the work that you are doing. You really have the spirit of the Lord with you and it shines through so brightly that anyone can see and feel it. We all love you so much and you are setting such a great example for your brothers and sister, and all your cousins! We all love getting your letters because your happiness shines through your words and it makes us miss you a little less when we know that you are so happy to be doing something that you love with all your heart.

Con Todo Nuestro Amor

Su Familia  Dad, Mom, Brynn, Matt, Collin, Emily, Lance, and Eli


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After anxiously waiting for news, we recieved a phone call this evening from the Mission President’s Wife Sister Peterson! Austin arived safely last evening in Neuquen, Argentina. Today he was at the mission home with trainers and the Mission President and his wife. The were delighted to get to know him a little and Sister Peterson commented on his how good his spanish is. She told me that his new companion will be Elder Rodriguez from Buenos Aries. It will be wonderful for Austin to serve with a native from Argentina! He will leave in the morning for Trevelin- a small city about 5-6 hours drive southwest of Neuquen near the base of the Andes mountains. Sterling commented that Heavenly Father is breaking him in slowly, because from the quick search we did, this town could any of the small towns here in Colorado. He should feel very comfortable there. Normally their P-day will be Monday, but because of the holiday this week, we can expect to hear from Austin on Friday! Yeah!!! I can’t wait to hear about his travel experiences. Hopefully he will have recovered from the very very long trip by then.

Thank you to all of you who love and suport our boy! It truly takes a village to raise a child! You all are our village!


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